Trans Trainings & Events

The information on this page is part of the #TransTerps campaign and is especially designed for individuals at UMD who wish to learn more about transgender and gender identity issues through campus events and training or through online trainings. For finding trans community or how to navigate the institution's resources, please go to the trans resources page. For information about good practices that an office or organization can implement, please go to the trans good practices page.

Trans Campus Events and Trainings


#TransTerps Learning Community presents...Dr. Chloe Schwenke on Trans Identity in International Life | RSVP:
April 27, 1pm - 2pm in 1309 Edward St John | Our final #TransTerps Learning Community gathering will be an interactive workshop with Dr. Chloe Schwenke. Dr. Schwenke is one of the first transgender political appointees in U.S. History in her role in the Africa Bureau of the US Agency for International Development. Her forthcoming memoir, Self-ish: A Transgender Awakening talks about her experiences coming into her identity while traveling and working abroad.


Quelcome! Thursday, September 14, 4pm-6pm, Colony Ballroom, Stamp Student Union. Join us for Quelcome, the fall welcome festival and resource fair. Quelcome will also serve as the launch for the #TransTerps Awareness Project. There will be a special #TransTerps resources available, including a limited number of free t-shirts with the #TransTerps logo! Refreshments provided. If you are interested in volunteering at Quelcome, fill out the form here and select "Quelcome 2017" under Areas of Interest.

Rainbow Terps Luncheon: Supporting #TransTerps - A Student Panel. Thursday, October 19, 12pm-1:30pm, 1310 Marie Mount Hall, RSVP here. Lunch provided. This will be an excellent opportunity to directly hear student voices about what it's like being a trans student on campus or about ways students engage in allyship to support #TransTerps.

Crafting for Trans Affirmation. Thursday, October 26, 12pm - 2pm, STAMP Arts & Learning center, RSVP here. Snacks provided. This is a fun opportunity to show your support for #TransTerps. It doesn’t matter if you’re an arts & crafts novice or a creative expert, we welcome you to spend some time in community with us to manifest our love for the trans community on this campus into visual form.

Rainbow Terps Luncheon: Supporting #TransTerps - Good Practices Conversation. Tuesday, October 31, 12pm-1:30pm, 1310 Marie Mount Hall, RSVP here. Lunch provided. Meet the LGBT Equity Center staff and some of the members of our #TransTerps task force. This will be an opportunity to learn and share about good practices for supporting our #TransTerps.

SEE Presents: Laura Jane Grace. Thursday, Nov 30, Time TBA, STAMP Atrium.
More details forthcoming! Learn more about Laura Jane Grace here.

#TransTerps Learning Community Gathering. March 2, 1pm - 2pm in 1309 Edward St John RSVP:
The first #TransTerps Learning Community meeting will be a discussion-based workshop facilitated by LGBT Equity Coordinator, Sika Wheeler. The group will investigate nuanced definitions of empowerment as a way to interrupt the narrative of trans students as perpetual victims, while still responding to the challenges they face.

#TransTerps Learning Community presents..."I Believe You" Gender Inclusivity in the Classroom | RSVP:
March 30, 1pm - 2pm in 1309 Edward St John | Our upcoming #TransTerps Learning Community meeting will be a discussion-based workshop facilitated by TLTC's Instructional Development Specialist, Alexis Williams. The group will investigate the roles and practices of campus instructors, students, and staff who would like to learn about and support transgender inclusion in the classroom.

Trans Online Trainings

Many of the following trainings are not specifically about transgender issues, but about LGBTQ+ issues more broadly. However, in many of them the majority of the content is actually about trans issues and gender identity, so we encourage you to make good use of these resources.

Pronouns Video


UMD constituents have access to some of the online trainings provided by Kognito, including student and staff/faculty modules on LGBTQ issues. You can check out these highly interactive online trainings through this Kognito UMD website. Be sure to look at the "LGBTQ On Campus" modules specifically.

LGBTQ+ Terminology and Concepts:

Trans Inclusive Language and Practices:

LGBTQ+ People of Color and Intersectionality:

LGBTQ+ Inclusion in the Classroom:

LGBT Inclusion in the Workplace:

This video is often used to open up in-person conversation and training, but could also be useful as a form of online learning.