Speakers Bureau

Mission Statement

The Speakers Bureau educates the campus about sexual orientation, and gender identity and expression through panel discussions in classes, residence halls, and other university settings. Members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and allied community who have received training for this purpose enter into these discussions prepared to disseminate accurate information, to answer questions that students, staff and faculty may have about the realities of LGBT lives, and to introduce the heterosexual, gender normative majority to visible members and allies of this mostly invisible minority.

Requesting a Presentation

Now accepting requests for Fall Semester 2015.

Please note: Due to the extraordinary success of this peer education program, instructors are strongly encouraged to submit requests before the first day of classes for presentations during each semester. Our track record is excellent for filling requests that come after classes begin, but it becomes increasingly difficult as the semester progresses. Under no circumstances will we accept requests with less than a week notice.

You may schedule a presentation using the form below. Please email Luke Jensen with any questions or to follow up on your request.

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If this is for a course, please provide the Directory ID (NOT a number -- it's the login one uses for many campus services, often the beginning of one's email address) of the instructor of the course who is indicated in Testudo:

Number of students enrolled in course (or anticipated number of people attending the presentation):

Please note: For presentations any time during the semester, you are strongly encouraged to request a panel before classes begin. As the semester progresses, we will continue to accept requests, but it becomes increasingly difficult to schedule a presentation on your preferred date. Under no circumstances will we accept a request with less than a week's notice.

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Join the Speakers Bureau

All LGBT and allied people are invited to become members of the Speakers Bureau. The best way is to enroll in LGBT 350 (please note that LGBT 200, ENGL 265 or CMLT 291, and permission of the program are prerequisites). You may also become a volunteer. Contact Luke Jensen for more information about volunteer opportunities.