Rainbow Terrapin Network

The Rainbow Terrapin Network offers two key training programs.

The Rainbow Terrapin Network Membership Training covers the fundamentals of allyship and advocacy for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer inclusion on campus. We will discuss social justice, vocabulary and inclusive language, campus issues and resources, and ways you can take action and get involved. It's also a great space to network and meet others on campus who are also excited to create change and continue to make the University of Maryland a great place to be.

The Trans* Advocacy Training covers the fundamentals of transgender and gender variant issues, including gender theory and gender variance, cisgender privilege, and ways allies and advocate for trans* communities on campus can take action. It's a great way to meet other people who are also excited about these important issues. This training currently is a pilot program, and it does not lead to membership in the Rainbow Terrapin Network, but participants do receive an acknowledgement of their attendance. Ideally, participants have already attended the membership training and/or have a general familiarity with LGBTQ issues.

Both trainings are three hours long, and participants are expected to attend the entire training. All students, staff, and faculty of UMD are welcome, as well as local community members. These are voluntary trainings and only those who wish to attend should register.

Individuals who have completed the Rainbow Terrapin Network Membership Training display the following logo:

Rainbow Terrapin Network Logo

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